Why Choose Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut

Why Choose Us

We know that you have many choices when choosing the best dermatologist to meet your unique needs. Here's why other patients choose Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut.


After receiving their medical degrees, our team of dermatologists sought out residencies, training and fellowships at some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals, such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, New York University and Yale University.


Our physicians have long and distinguished backgrounds in practicing general and cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology and dermapathology.  Many of our physicians complement their office practice with professor-level teaching positions at major colleges and universities. SEE PROVIDER CREDENTIALS >


Striving to always put patients first, Dr. Godwin built a diverse team of physicians and providers to offer patients a choice when selecting a dermatologist. With this physician portfolio, patients can easily select the provider that will best meet their medical needs as well as their personal preferences. MEET OUR PROVIDERS >


No matter the reason for your dermatologic appointment, our diversified team specializes in providing treatment for adults and children for a wide range of dermatological conditions, including medical/surgical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, cosmetic & laser treatments and skin cancer screening & treatment. LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DO >


We have convenient locations in Connecticut including offices in Shelton, Norwalk, Branford, Fairfield, Hamden, New Haven, New London, Stamford and Woodbridge, offering both early morning and evening appointments to meet the needs of our patients. SEE LOCATIONS & HOURS >


We hear from our patients how much they appreciate our office environment, caring medical assistants and the level of attentiveness and professionalism demonstrated by our doctors. But why listen to us, read what our patients are saying. READ PATIENT REVIEWS >

Support Staff

Our team is not complete without our warm, welcoming and knowledgeable support staff who are always ready and willing to assist patients with their questions, concerns and needs.


You can reach a member of our team by calling one of our offices or send us a text message directly via Klara, our secure messaging system, which is the most direct way to reach us. Message us for appointments, follow-up questions, refills and anything else you need. We'll get back to you promptly with confirmation and any additional communication needed.

State of the Art

Complementing our commitment to personalized care, we offer the latest dermatological advancements to patients through our state-of-the-art office facilities.

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