Debra Weissman M.D
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Debra Weissman, MD

Dr. Debra Weissman retired in the winter of 2021. On behalf of the entire Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut team, and all of Dr. Weissman’s patients throughout the years, we thank her for providing such compassionate care and wish her all the best in the years ahead.

For Dr. Weissman’s patients, we have an unmatched team of board-certified Dermatologists to serve your healthcare needs.

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If you were a patient of Dr. Weissman’s, your medical records are confidential and will remain on file with the practice.  When you choose a provider within our organization, you do not need to take any action concerning your records.

For more information, call the Norwalk office at 203-538-5682 and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have regarding our providers, services and locations.

"Dr. Weissman is the best. Dr. Weissman calls me personally to give me screening results. I highly recommend her."

Dr. Weissman's Patient Reviews

"I am a new patient of Dr. Weissman's and was really pleased with my first visit. She's very warm and super efficient - I've had a chronic skin condition for a long time, and she was very knowledgable about how to approach it, and explained my treatment options thoroughly. Lovely experience so far!"
(Zocdoc - Verified Patient)

"All around great visit, no complaints whatsoever. I was seen in a reasonable amount of time and Dr. Weissman was very pleasant and helpful."
(Zocdoc - Verified Patient)

"She was very informative and listens to all concerns...she also cares enough to give follow up calls!"
(Zocdoc - Verified Patient)

"Very knowledgeable, no waiting, highly recommend."
(Zocdoc - Verified Patient)

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