Treatment for Warts

Benign but unsightly, these contagious skin growths develop on any part of the body that comes in contact with the human papillomavirus, especially in areas with a cut or wound. While many warts are skin-toned and raised, some are dark, thread-like, or flat—especially plantar warts on the soles of the feet, which typically have a black dot in the center. Some cause discomfort, but even if yours don’t, they can easily spread to other parts of your body—or to anyone you come in contact with. Thankfully, we have more tools than ever for removing them.

A few of our most successful treatments:

  • a solution painted directly on the wart, which creates a blister underneath, killing the growth
  • cryotherapy, or freezing the growth
  • electrosurgery and curettage, or heating and cutting away the wart
  • excision, or delicately cutting away the wart
  • lasers and chemical peels

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