Psoriasis Treatment

The National Psoriasis Foundation estimates that over seven million people may be living with this chronic, non-contagious autoimmune disorder. It’s best known for flares of skin-cell overgrowth that result in flaky, red patches over the whole body, including the scalp and nails, often in response to extreme temperatures, stress, and other triggers (cardiovascular disease, depression, and arthritis can go hand-in-hand with psoriasis). Whether mild or moderate, it’s an upsetting disorder to be sure—and now, a very treatable one. While traditional topical medications can help, a new class of injectable biological, protein-based drugs (or “biologics”) has been life-changing for our patients living with psoriasis. These medications block the actions of the specific types of immune cells. Call us for more information about the disorder and about the easy, in-office procedure that can keep symptoms under control.

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