Winter Blues: Has Dry Skin Got You Down?

Winter has arrived here in Connecticut, entering with real gusto this year, with sub-zero temperatures and plenty of snow! Here at Dermatology Physicians of Connecticut, we enjoy winter activities with our families like sledding and skiing, but we also recognize that winter can bring with it some challenges. In addition to messy roads and frozen pipes, the cold, dry arctic air also often ushers in dry skin (also known as xerosis) for many of us. Dry skin can affect people of all ages, and while for some it is simply a nuisance, for others it can lead to itch and discomfort. Here are some tips for preventing dry skin:

  • Try to keep showers and baths short and avoid using very hot water
  • Use a mild soap or soap-free cleanser for washing
  • Apply moisturizer to damp skin immediately after bathing
  • Choose an ointment (packaged in a jar) or a cream (in a tube or jar) rather than a lotion also known as xerosis(in a pump bottle), as these tend to be much more effective
  • Avoid excessive handwashing
  • Consider wearing gloves while doing dishes or cleaning

If despite taking the above measures you or your child still has dry and/or itchy skin, please consult your dermatologist. She or he will evaluate your skin and design a personalized treatment regimen that suits your needs so that you can get out there and enjoy all of the fun things that winter has to offer!