Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than with cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon combined, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. And while it’s most common in fair complexions and those with a history of even one bad, blistering burn, it can develop in any skin tone or types, anywhere on the body. The good news is that the disease a very high cure rate when caught early and removed surgically, frozen with liquid nitrogen, or treated with low-dose radiation.

Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment

If you haven’t been checked for skin cancer by a dermatologist within the past year, call our office today to schedule your screening. While you’re at it, take five minute to schedule monthly self-skin checks into your smart phone calendar. We’re always happy to show patients how to perform a head-to-toe exam. Check moles for the ABCDE’s, which could all be signs of melanoma:

  • Anasymmetricalshape
  • An irregularborder
  • An unevencolor
  • Adiameter greater than six millimeters
  • Elevatedtexture

And don’t overlook spots that are scaly, painful, oozing or chronically bleeding. These could harbor basal- or squamous cell carcinoma, less serious forms of skin cancer.