Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum treatments

Molluscum is a common viral skin infection that easily spreads among children through skin-to-skin contact and also can be contracted by sharing clothing and towels. Molluscum poses no risk to a child’s overall health but due to its viral nature, this condition will persist until the immune systems develops antibodies against it. In some patients, molluscum can persist for for several months, sometimes even for years.

The classic molluscum skin lesion is a small pink or tan dome shaped bump with an indented middle. At times, parents notice an eczema-like rash in the area of these lesions. Scratching and picking can cause spread, and may also result in infection.

There are many treatment options available for molluscum including:
– Topical creams
– Cryotherapy (light freezing)
– Curettage (scraping)
– Cantharidin aka beetlejuice application

These treatments/procedures typically result in a formation of a blister beneath the lesions, which allows the body to naturally shed the growth.

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