Pediatric Acne Treatment

This common condition develops when one or more pores become clogged with sticky skin cells, preventing oil, or sebum, from draining properly. The plug darkens when exposed to air, forming a blackhead. If P. Acnes bacteria invades, the clogged pore becomes inflamed, creating a whitehead that can develop into a potentially scarring cyst. Hormonal shifts are the most notorious triggers, which is why acne so commonly strikes teens—and can continue flaring well into adulthood. Furthermore, many teens are plagued by far more severe, relentless acne, along with accompanying low self-esteem and even depression. These days, there’s no reason for your child to suffer from regular breakouts or worry about permanent scars. The most effective acne treatments usually involve multiple therapies and may include:

  • topical lotions and creams, such as prescription retinoids and antibiotics
  • oral antibiotics
  • drugs that rebalance hormones
  • Accutane, an incredibly powerful medication that shrinks oil glands

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